Bobby Dodd 6x6 FIREXSIDE
A father of four, a man of many jobs, a true Northwest legend. Anyone who knows anything about skating in the PNW knows Bobby Dodd. To celebrate his latest pro-model, one of three boards in our latest Mike O'Haire series, we head to Vashon Island for a 6x6 with one of the best styles to shine in skateboarding.
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6x6 with Kameron Loveless
Since he first burst onto the scene at 2021’s Kingston Skate Jam, we’ve been captivated by Kameron’s raw style and hard work on the board. Today, he continues to blow us away with his skating and has thus been promoted from Flowman to FIREXSIDE Am. Join us as we sit down for a chat with the next generation of Kitsap County skateboarding.
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6x6 with Julian Quevedo
For nearly ever, Julian’s skating has always taken care of the talking. Sure, you might get a word out of him here and there, but even for us who’ve known him for decades—even we have learned very little about the man above the board. So, for likely the first time in history, we’re going to let this man of few words do the talking… straight from the legend’s lips and into the official record.
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Tyler Price - Elephant 8.5"Bobby Dodd - Tortoise 8.25"Steve Perdue - Hunter's Moon 8.5"Shasta Daisy 8.25” & 8.5” (mellow concave)Perdue - Roaring 20's 8.5”

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