shasta flower skateboard
firexside Shasta Daisy Deck
firexsxide Shasta Daisy Deck

Shasta Daisy 8.25” & 8.5” (mellow concave)

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With his love for photography and film, Fred Zahina has been a creative staple in most of our endeavors. This deck showcases Zahina’s film photography, and in thanks of all his support over the years, we thought it essential to release a board dedicated to the artist himself.

Size: 8.25"    
Length: 32"   
WB: 14.25"
Nose: 6 ⅞"   
Tail: 6 ⅝"

Size: 8.5"    
Length: 32.125"   
WB: 14.5"
Nose: 6 ⅞"    
Tail: 6 ⅝"