6x6 with Kameron Loveless
Kameron Loveless

Since he first burst onto the scene at 2021’s Kingston Skate Jam, we’ve been captivated by Kameron’s raw style and hard work on the board. Today, he continues to blow us away with his skating and has thus been promoted from Flowman to FIREXSIDE Am. Join us as we sit down for a chat with the next generation of Kitsap County skateboarding.

6X6 - Kameron Loveless
Worst gimmick?
Man I hate all gimmicks, the worst gimmick you could have is having one at all. I actually had this conversation recently haha. I don’t know I just think it’s a lot cooler to just be yourself. Don’t fake your funk.

Favorite skater?
Shit lately I’d have to say Louie Lopez, fun to watch and always relatable but shouts to Silas and Cory Kennedy are my favorites out of the northwest and childhood inspo.

Silverdale or Bremerton park?
In a perfect world Silverdale with the Bremerton homies, but that would never happen so I guess I’ll say Bremerton for the homies and red ledge, shout out to Ian for that one.

Dream (non skate) sponsor?
Honestly a Makita sponsor would be rad, love new tools

Favorite city to skate?
Bremerton WA or Seattle disregarding the weather.

2023 Goals?
Travel and skate. Keep filming with my friends and continue meeting good people in new cities. Kinda want to move so feeling things out and just enjoying the process.

Kameron pays homage to one of his—and our—earliest Northwest stomping grounds. It’s not easy to make skating this park look easy, but for Kameron, it’s second nature.