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Dont Act Famous - DVD - FIREXSIDE
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Toebock x Automatic Magazine

Toebock x Don't Act Famous - DVD

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      In an effort to get their names out there, Toebock Media Group embarked on a video project that had them crisscrossing the Pacific Northwest, Bay Area, and Rocky Mountains for nearly 4 years. Sponsors came and went. flow men became Man as and man ams got called up to the pro ranks. All the while Team Toe kept filming and finally created Dont Act Famous.

     Adam Crew is the driving force behind Toebock Industries and the director of Dont Act Famous. Hailing from greater Seattle, Washington, but having spent time all across Western United States, Adam cobbled together a crew of his friends to star in his film. Matt Kehoe, Travis Knight, and Julian Quevedo were tapped to represent Bay Area. Holding it down for the Rockies is Tyler Price, Jerrod Saba. and Todd along with Trevor Uriona and Jon Brownlee. The lone representative from the Northwest-with a full part is Silas Baxter-Neal. Silas is backed up by montages from Portland and Seattle featuring the Tribute and Manik skateboards teams and other accomplished locals.

     While every pro and their filmer head to China to skate that wavy marble ledge And other perfect spots, Team Toe stayed close to home, skating their weather-beaten and snow-cracked spots. For the viewer, this is a welcome change of pace from the expected international environs of professional skateboarding. Because, of their locations, Team Toe had to work a little harder, push a few more times, and get the trick before the rain came and ended the session.

      The video clocks in at around 55 minutes. The main feature consists of about 40 minutes of schralping before the credits roll with the requisite silliness and slams we have come to expect from video credits. After all that is a five-minute friends section filled with all the well-known pros who are down with Team Toe. Don't Act Famous is no Fully Flared or Ride The Sky. It is a video you can relate to. to. Their spots are just as shitty as yours. They work day jobs and have girlfriend and money troubles. In the end, they work through it and skate just like everyone else. except they do it a little better than most, and they got it all on video.

- Templeton Elliot