6x6 with Julian Quevedo

Julian Quevedo

For nearly ever, Julian’s skating has always taken care of the talking. Sure, you might get a word out of him here and there, but even for us who’ve known him for decades—even we have learned very little about the man above the board. To say that Julian Quevedo is a man of few words is an understatement. So, what better platform than one that only requires one-word answers?

Favorite Shoe?
Adidas campus.

Favorite City Traveled?

DeAnza park or Chavez ?

Flip in or Flip out?
Flip in.

Favorite Trick ever done?
Switch Back Tail Bigspin Flip.

Company That Should Make A Comeback?

"Hold on While I Take a Drink" - A 24 Deep Production captured & assembled by Jesse Erickson featuring Julian and Osmar Villarreal.