We have spent over a decade living on the road, and as it does over time, the many miles began to wear us thin. For the better part of ten years, we made our annual continental rounds, from the foggy Pacific coast to calm Atlantic shores, while touching down just about anywhere in between. These many excursions would begin the documentation and chronicle of what we have come to know as Toebock American Folklore. Over those years, skateboarding showed us beautiful places, introduced us to remarkable people, and, as we have grown greyer, has left us drifting in the waves of nostalgic bliss. In one way, this collective is a reflection of that bliss.


It was 2017 and our Northwestern roots had inevitably led us back to Washington State. It wasn’t long before we found ourselves next to a bustling fire pit, nestled on the banks of a Puget Sound cove. And that’s when it happened: the vision that would lead us to where we stand now. Our vision was that of a legacy brand, embodying all that skateboarding had shared with us over the years—those many corners of American life—the freedom of an open road—a trove of authentic characters. 


Today, we continue sharing our vision through authentic garments and quality skateboards. It is an honor to have the opportunity to take the many stories and traditions that have shaped our lives and solidify them into products that we ourselves love. Although we have come a long way since day one, we know that merely the beginning is upon us, and we take pride in being able to invite all of you along for the ride. So, friends, gather around as we toss another log over the flame. The fire is young, the stories are plenty, and we’re only getting started.