Bobby Dodd 6x6 FIREXSIDE
Bobby Dodd x firexside

It was during a 2005 trip to Spokane when we first met Bobby. From that day forward, our lives have never been the same. Even at age 14, Bobby already skated better than most grown men. Bobby’s magical energy off the board bleeds into his style on the board, a style that still remains one of the best to bless the skate scene. 

Although he is a father of four, a hustler with God-only-knows how many gigs--those including a skate counselor and a jiujitsu instructor--Bobby somehow finds the time and energy to continue raising the bar of what can be done on a skateboard. 

 Even with all the responsibilities resting on his shoulders, Bobby is still pumping out pro-models, his latest a FIREXSIDE model that just dropped. To celebrate his debut deck, we head to Vashon Island for a long overdue 6x6 with the man himself, Bobby Dodd, a true Northwest legend.

Current set-up you’re skating?
FIREXSIDE Anxiety 8.25" Deck , Mob grip, Ace trucks, Dirty Bearings, Bones STF 56mm , Silver back nuts (hardware) 

Street spot or skatepark?
Street Spot 

Many know you as Bobby “Dadd”. How many kids you got now?
Babby Dadd lol 4 kids now 13, 9, 6, 4 years old

Any of your kids skate?
All of em mess with it the two oldest got a few tricks up their sleeves !!

Tre flip or Switch tre?
Switch tre all day

Seattle or Spokane?
I wouldn’t be who I am if I didn’t have both love em equally. ❤️ 

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Bobby Dodd x Apple and Oranges (2006)
 A video by Charley Wray 

Bobby Dodd x Don't Act Famous (2008)
 A video by Toebock Media Group