Cattle Dog x FIREXSIDE Deck
Firexside skateboards x \Cattledog Construction
Firexside skateboards x \Cattledog Construction
Cattle Dog Collab - FIREXSIDE

Cattle Dog Collab

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This collaboration with Cattledog Construction recognizes the fine men and women who power toebock labor group, while also adding appreciation for the man who hires them, Ross Sovern of the legendary “Ross’s Landing.” We’re all about workin’ hard and chillen’ hard in the deep Northwest. So, after work, take it easy and kick back with your own Cattledog collab board.

Art by Josh Fisher

Size: 8.25"    
Length: 32"    
WB: 14.25"
Nose: 6 ⅞
Tail: 6 "

Size: 8.5"    
Length: 32.125"
WB: 14.5"
Nose: 6 ⅞"    
Tail: 6 "


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